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Premier Catering for Special Occasions, Corporate Events and Large Parties.

Gio's Pizzeria is your premier Italian restaurant for sharing all of your favorite Hampden pizza. We're great for a simple takeout lunch back at the office, a family dinner of gourmet pizza and Italian food or a special event accompanied by our delicious seafood, wraps, salads or calzones.

Our Italian bread and garlic bread are excellent complements to any occasion, and our fabulous beer and wine options will have you coming back to our bar again and again. Everything we serve is available for carryout and takeout at Gio's Pizzeria, and we offer free delivery for our grinders and wraps as well. We'll venture into the East Longmedow and Wilbraham areas to make sure you can have a slice of our pepperoni or some of our awesome Mexican fare. Try our pizza and experience the difference. You're always more than welcome to order ahead.

Please feel free to ask us for suggestions, and we'll be happy to make the recommendations we believe to be suitable for your special occasion.

Call us today and ask about our awesome menu. It would be our pleasure to take care of your large group or party.
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